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S100 Motorbike Rapid Wax 500ml + 1 x S100 Microfibre cloth Set (S100 Motorbike Rapid Wax + S100 Microfibre cloth)

26,98 €
24,90 €
83,00 € / 1 l
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500 ML
1 x Tuch
auf Lager, 1 – 2 Werktage

The S100 chain cleaning set contains

  • 1 bottle of S100 Motorbike Rapid Wax (500 ml)
  • 1 pieces of S100 Microfibre cloth


S100 Motorbike Rapid Wax – The instant protection for motorbike paintwork


  • extra long beading
  • super quick and easy
  • perfect protection & sealing

Quick and easy long beading!

  • With the innovative hydrophobic formula, all painted and plastic parts can be effortlessly sealed in just a few minutes.
  • Very easy to use: no streaks and good spreadability
  • Provides a beading effect that lasts for months and paintwork protection against weather and environmental influences (depending on external factors).
  • Gives the paint a mirror-like shine and refreshes the colour.
  • Leaves a great smooth feeling with a soft, supple surface.
  • White streaks on plastic parts are excluded.
  • For all types of paint (metallic, colored, nano and scratch-resistant paints) and glossy films


S100 Microfibre cloth – Polishing without clouds and stripes. Scratch- and stripe-free cleaning.

  • Special cloth for cloud- and stripe-polishing of polish and wax or scratch- and stripe-free cleaning of visors and motorcycle helmets.
  • Extremely fast absorptivity, thus very comfortable to apply.
  • The microfibre cloth is washable and highly durable.