Arai RX-7V Evo Maverick Replica Motorrad Helm

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Arai RX-7V Evo Maverick Replica Motorrad Helm

Arai RX-7V Evo Maverick Replica Motorrad Helm

Arai RX-7V Evo Maverick Replica Motorrad Helm

VAS – With this new sighting system we get the ideal helmet shape even closer.

In its long company history Arai has researched abraisioncharakteristics further enhanced by the observed behavior of the head (helmet) in real accidents, by new developments. The advanced VAS-sighting system improves the property of the helmet, to be able to slide off of obstacles.
These new features are all incorporated into the new Arai RX7-V. The Arai RX7-V forms so that the new top of the line brand Arai.

For all helmets – regardless of brand – the amount of energy absorbed is limited. The slipping of obstacles helps to improve the energy consumption in real accidents (or optimizing). Therefore Arai has a stronger shell and smoother shape designed so that the helmet can absorb the impact energy better. A small change in the visor mounting mechanism was required for the operation of the current-visor pivot joint. In order to improve the energy absorbing potential, the size of the VAS-hinge cover has been reduced and the cover set deeper into the shell, whereby 24 mm could be obtained compared to the shell standard in the section, so that the shell during tests at the temple area was smoother.

Stronger shell, enhanced by the latest technologies:

PB SNC2 Shell ( ECE R22.06 )

Super fibers and other special synthetic fibers having excellent tensile strength and good flexibility properties, developed for Formula 1 helmets, handmade by Arai experts. Just like the steel belts that hold together a wooden barrel, with a variety carefully co-defined and shaped materials. Newly developed resin creates a stronger compounds of shell materials with simultaneous weight reduction.

Diffuser Type 12

The new Diffuser Type 12 are 20 mm longer and were straightened in favor of improved aerodynamics. Together with the Air Wing to improve the helmet stability. Compared to the previous diffuser system of the type 10, the inlets of the new diffuser have increased type 12 by 19%. The new air intake ports not only provide better regulation through the three positions, closed, semi-open and open, but also improve the sealing against wind noise and prevent the ingress of water.

Eco Pure lining

The completely removed lining system has been improved with a new Eco Pure material. It helps to preserve the neutral acidity of the skin and acts also antibacterial. To make the helmet even softer and more comfortable, we have developed this new, softer lining material. The new lining also has changeable temple pads to individually improve the fit can.

VAS V MV-visor

The VAS MAX Vision visor provides standard much better visibility in all kinds of weather and driving conditions. A clear, fog-free Pinlock is included and can be mounted if required.

IC Duct5

The new IC Duct5 channel system enables 11% more airflow than the previous Delta Duct5 system. The new larger switch facilitates the opening and closing. The new IC Duct5-channel system has three positions (closed, semi-open and open) to adjust the flow of air and prevent the ingress of water in the closed state.

Ventilation duct

Improved air passage around the eyes with directly discharging air duct to the rear side outlets (Cowl-6).

Chin cover

The located on the underside of the helmet chin new coverage contributes to further support the Egg-Shape form. It blocks the penetration of turbulent air flows and increases the negative pressure in order to improve the derivative function of the FFS system by more air enters the mouth area.

Full Support Interiors

FCS-cheek pads with built-in speakers-wells and a 5 mm thick removable foam layer for extra space, if needed. More space in the mouth-chin area for a more open feel. Smaller NE-nozzle without reducing efficiency. New emergency opening system at the end of the opening lift strap for easy opening by rescuers. Improved comfort with improved fit makes for easier mounting and removing the helmet.