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SW-Motech TRAX ADV aluminium case system 37 liter silver for BMW R 1300 GS GG13 2023-

1.100,00 €
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Delivery time
3 – 7 working days

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SW-Motech TRAX ADV aluminium case system 37 liter silver for BMW R 1300 GS GG13 2023-

SW-Motech TRAX ADV aluminium case system 37 liter silver for BMW R 1300 GS GG13 2023-

SW-Motech TRAX ADV Aluminum case system with 37 liter cases silver

SW-MOTECH has manufactured this silver aluminum case system suitable for the BMW R 1300 GS using extremely durable bike-specific PRO side carriers.

TEST WINNER in the magazine MOTORRAD issue 05/2020. Test result: VERY GOOD

Durable TRAX ADV aluminum cases feel at home on any stretch of road: embossed patterns add stability to the 1.5 millimeter-thick, welded aluminum wall material. A completely removable lid with carrying handles made of anodized aluminum and quick release fasteners makes loading and unloading of motorcycle luggage easier; the beveled side edge provides high ground clearance when cornering. With this complete solution, you have all the components you need to travel with TRAX: two waterproof TRAX ADV side cases, two detachable SW-MOTECH side carriers, adapter kit, lock set, lid limiter and anti-theft protection at an attractive price.

The bike-specific carrier and the size of the cases are perfectly matched to the rear shape and exhaust system of the motorcycle. A motorcycle case without compromise: the development of the TRAX ADV focused on stability and impermeability against dust and water as well as simple handling. Whether on an off-road adventure, road trip or short haul, the premium aluminum case with a wall thickness of 1.5 millimeters will come out on top in any challenge.

  • PRO Side carrier

    • Total width without carrier adapter kit: 455 mm
    • Extremely durable due to its optimized shape and 2.5 mm thick steel
    • Perfect fit, designed to fit close to the bike
    • Fully removable with newly developed, even more robust quick-release fasteners
    • Optional anti-theft protection available
    • For permanent mounting, quick-release fasteners can be replaced with standard parts (M8)
    • Numerous functional bores, compatible with the RotopaX system among others
    • Simple mounting on original mounting points
    • Powerful corrosion protection thanks to powder coating
    • Secure hold for TRAX, AERO and SysBags with adapter plate (SysBag 15, 30, WP L)
    • Adapter kits for attaching cases from Givi/Kappa, Krauser and Shad are also available
    • Details

      • Material: Steel
      • Surface: powder coated
      • Color: black
      • Total Weight: appr. 5,0 kg / appr. 11.1 lb
      • Width built onto motorcycle: 45,5 cm / 17.9 in
    • Note

      • Adapter kits are required for aluminum cases from SW-MOTECH and other manufacturers and also for AERO ABS side cases and SysBags with adapter plates (SysBag 15, 30, WP L).
  • Adapter kit for PRO side carrier

    • Adapter kit for attaching a TRAX or NANUK side case to an SW-MOTECH PRO side carrier
    • Mounted on to the existing holes of the SW-MOTECH PRO side carrier
    • For left and right sides
    • Details

      • Color: silver
      • Total Weight: appr. 0,3 kg / appr. 0.7 lb
  • TRAX ADV M Aluminium case

    • Model for the left side of the motorcycle
    • Protection against oxidation and abrasion thanks to anodized finish
    • Sturdy and watertight side case made from aluminium
    • Large chamfer on sides for plenty of ground clearance for cornering, additional protection from glass fiber reinforced plastic corner caps
    • Robot-guided welding and self-piercing riveting prevent dampness from getting in
    • Even when loaded, completely removable lid with quick-release fastener
    • 4 large tie-downs integrated into the lid design (e. g. for a tent or accessory bag)
    • High stability thanks to the embossed patterns, welded edges and pre-installed retaining rail
    • Hinges made from stainless steel, handles made from anodized aluminum
    • Lid limiters provide additional stability when using extra luggage on the lid
    • Exchangeable cover gasket
    • The membrane makes it easy to open the lid, even in case of extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations
    • Quick mounting on to all PRO and EVO luggage carriers (adapters sold separately)
    • Adapter kits also available for mounting on to girders from other manufacturers such as Givi and Hepco & Becker
    • A lock set with 6 identical locks is available as an option and is not included in delivery
    • Details

      • Material: Aluminum
      • Surface: anodized
      • Color: silver
      • Size: 49,0 x 23,0 x 37,0 cm / 19.3 x 9.1 x 14.6 in
      • Total Weight: appr. 5,1 kg / appr. 11.2 lb
      • Total Volume: 37,0 l
    • Note
      Also available as a TRAX ADV aluminum case system with 2 side cases, bike-specific side carriers, adapters and lock set.

    • Required for mounting

      • Side carrier, adapter kit, TRAX lock set

TRAX lock set with PRO anti-theft protection

  • 9 matching locks
  • With anti-theft protection for PRO side carrier
  • Compatible with side cases and top cases from the TRAX ADV and TRAX ION series
  • One key for all locks

Included in delivery

  • 1 x TRAX ADV M Aluminium case, 37,00 l, left, silver
  • 1 x TRAX ADV M Aluminium case, 37,00 l, right, silver
  • 2 x PRO Side carrier
  • 2 x Adapter kit for PRO side carrier
  • 1 x TRAX lock set with PRO anti-theft protection
  • 1 x Multi-tool key chain attachment
  • 4 x Lid limiter
  • 2 x Storage bag
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Color: silver
  • Total Weight: appr. 19,6 kg / appr. 43.1 lb
  • Total Volume: 74,0 l