Shoei NXR 2 Capriccio Helmet TC-5 Black

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Shoei NXR 2 Capriccio Helmet TC-5 Black

Shoei NXR 2 Capriccio Helmet TC-5 Black

Shoei NXR 2 Capriccio Helmet TC-5 Black

It goes without saying that all helmets require high safety performance. Among them being a premium helmet, it is not simply only shock absorption performance but also high aerodynamic performance, clear, sufficient visibility, comfortable ventilation, interior
comfortable fitting, compact and light weight required. NXR2 is born as new premium sports full face with the fusion of all features.

Main Characteristics of NXR2

  • Light Weight Design
    Just like the conventional model NXR and despite being a ECE standard certified model, it is the lightest SHOEI ECE22/06 standard certified product.
  • Compact Design
    With adopting a new shield system and following the characteristic side cut line inherited from NXR, a new design has been combined to achieve a calm yet compact lightweight form that makes NXR2 one step further.
  • Very effective ventilation performance
    Though 3 straight hole type intakes placed on forehead are intact as before, the center front intake is now modified and reinforced from 1 hole to 2 holes. High ventilation performance is secured by synergistic effect with the enlarged outlet.
  • Quietness
    While suppressing the causes of external effect with the improved window beading, just like the previous model, the wind noise has been successfully reduced in great portion with the effect of voluminous cheek and ear pads.
  • Shield System
    The all newly developed shield system, including PINLOCK EVO lens, has the same features such as easy attaching and detaching the shield as before, but also makes possible to improve visibility due to PIN placed out of sight and the lever mechanism with easy adjustable shield lock system and base plate is installed.
  • Available Sizes
    7 Sizes from XXS to XXL
  • Moisture Absorption Quick Dry Interior Fabric
    Advanced fabric in high moisture absorption and quick dry performance is adopted to interior pads.
  • PINLOCK EVO lens
    DKS 304 PINLOCK EVO lens equipped
    SHOEI has a large scale wind tunnel experimental facility. By fully utilizing this facility we accumulate data obtained from research and development with all models and its know-how has been reliably fed back to new models and evolved. NXR2 is no exception and all of SHOEI’s aerodynamic know-how including X-Spirit III moves on.
    Just like the previous model “NXR”, while the compact shape is pursued in NXR2 as well, the comfortable fitting is realized by its characteristics cut line which widens bottom though it is compact. And also, at least 4 independent shell sizes of S, M, L & XL are in line-up providing proper fitting in each helmet size.



  • Shell in AIM
    Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity
  • EPS-liner system with different densities Optimized protection through EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels
  • CWR-F2 visor system
    With Pinlock® antifog system
  • Double D-ring
    Easy to use, always perfect adjusted


  • 4 different outer shell constructions
    For perfect fit and compact dimensions
    1) XXS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL
  • 3d-centerpad, detachable, washable
    For pleasant wearing comfort
  • Cheek pads detachable, washable
    For better care and individual adjustment
  • Chinstrap cover detachable, washable
    Easy to maintain and clean


  • Multiple venting and extraction
    For optimum ventilation performance
  • Inlets at the chin and forehead
    Fresh air supply guaranteed

Delivery content of helmet:

  • 1 x PINLOCK®EVO-visor
  • 1 x original Shoei helmet bag
  • 1 x Chin Curtain
  • 1 x breath guard
  • 1 x silcone oil