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Moto Bundle mobile phone holder iPhone 12/12 Pro

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SP Connect Moto Bundle mobile phone holder iPhone 12/12 Pro

With the SP Connect ™ MOTO BUNDLE you can attach your smartphone to your motorcycle in seconds.

Mount the MOTO MOUNT PRO on the handlebars of your motorcycle and you can attach your SP Connect ™ PHONE CASE (or UNIVERSAL INTERFACE) in seconds by placing it on the bracket and locking it with a 90 ° turn clockwise.

Your mobile phone is securely positioned in the center of your field of vision so that you can use your apps, access playlists, read messages or navigate. Use the Weather Cover to protect your phone from rain and dirt and to provide additional shock resistance.

  • Compatible with all SP Connect products
  • Safe locking through 90 ° rotation
  • Additional smartphone protection

Phone case

  • Slim, protective, functional
  • Use of all ports and buttons
  • 3-layer construction for ultimate protection
  • QI charging possible ¹

or Universal Phone Case

  • Universal case for smartphones in 2 sizes (M or L)
  • M: 70×153 mm / L: 80×165 mm
  • Protects against rain, sweat, dust and mud
  • Use of all ports and buttons
  • The touchscreen can be operated

Weather Cover (not included in the Universal Bundles)

  • Protects against rain, sweat, dust and mud
  • Provides additional shock resistance

Moto Mount Pro

  • CNC machined from aircraft aluminum
  • Landscape or portrait mounting
  • Super stable 360 ​​° adjustment in 6 ° steps
  • Suitable for standard and oversize handlebars (2.22 / 2.54 / 2.86 / 3.17 cm or 0.875 / 1.0 / 1.125 / 1.25 inch diameter)

Note: If you are using a smartphone with a mechanical image stabilizer, we recommend using our additional vibration-damping module, the Anti Vibration Module, to prevent possible damage to your phone's camera caused by vibrations from motorcycle engines. If you should continue to have problems and are not sure, please stop using the product in combination with this smartphone and contact the manufacturer of your smartphone.

Note: Strong screen protectors or gloves can limit the usability of your touchscreen in combination with the Weather Cover. The Weather Cover limits the home button functionality of the iPhone SE (2020), 8, 8 Plus, 7 & 7 Plus. This can be avoided by activating the software home button (Assistive Touch) function.