Shoei X-SPR Pro Proxy TC-10 helmet white/blue/red

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Shoei X-SPR Pro Proxy TC-10 – The true Racing-Helm

A 6-layer compound of glass fibres, organic fibres and high-performance fibre materials forms the basis of the AIM+ outer shell (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus) of the SHOEI X-SPR Pro. Together with a polystyrene core system composed of several differently absorbent elements, this outer shell offers optimum impact protection at a very low overall weight of the helmet homologated according to the new ECE-R 22.06 test standard. Its FIM homologation makes the SHOEI X-SPR Pro ready for racing use. The chin strap with double-D fastener is easily adjustable and holds the helmet securely in position.

Wearing comfort
With 4 different outer shell sizes (XS-S | M | L | XL-XXL), the SHOEI X-SPR Pro offers the perfect ratio of helmet shell size and weight to the head size of the wearer in all offered helmet sizes.
Its modular head padding with integrated pockets can be easily and precisely adapted to individual head shapes and individual demands with insertable pads, for the ultimate fit, maximum stability and reliable protection.
The newly designed cheek pads with their cushion core produced in a complex 3D-cut process contribute significantly to the stable fit of the X-SPR PRO with their more than doubled contact surface, even at speeds of more than 350 km/h, and reduce the lift force by 3% compared to the predecessor model.
The head padding, the cheek pads as well as the chin strap padding with quick-drying and skin-friendly cover material are completely removable and washable.

Maximum exposed ventilation inlets, optimally designed for a strongly forward leaning and ducked seating position on the racing motorbike, underline the uncompromising orientation of the X-SPR Pro also in terms of ventilation. A total of 7 fresh air inlets and 6 air vents are connected to each other via a deeply branched ventilation system and ensure an even more intensive and performance-enhancing exchange of fresh and used air compared to the predecessor model. For greater comfort in high summer temperatures the performance of the cheek pad ventilation has been significantly improved by almost doubling the ventilation openings on the inside of the helmet.

Hydration system
The inner lining of the chin area of the X-SPR Pro is prepared for the installation of a hydration system. Regular fluid intake via the hydration system helps the rider to maintain concentration over a longer period of time, even in high summer weather conditions or endurance races.
By using an adapter, various commonly available systems can be connected to the feed tube from SHOEI's range of accessories.

The X-SPR Pro is uncompromisingly designed for use in racing. Its shape and aerodynamic properties allow the rider to focus fully on the track and the racing action, even at the highest speeds.
The outer shell has been completely redesigned to improve aerodynamic performance. After many hours in the wind tunnel, more than 150 improvements were made to the outer shell shape of the previous model and incorporated into the design of the X-SPR Pro using SHOEI's superior helmet shell shaping technology. The pronounced lateral edges at the top left and right of the helmet function as tail fins and, in combination with the concave top of the stabilizer at the rear and the lateral tail fins, contribute to the helmet's high directional stability. This distinctive area stands out in the helmet's design and gives the helmet a balanced expression of style and safety. The combined efforts of SHOEI's production, testing and development teams come together at this point.

The new CWR-F2R visor, with its 5mm larger vertical field of view, offers a promising visual advantage in extreme forward leaning riding positions on a racing motorbike. At lean angles, where even the elbow touches the tarmac, this increased field of vision contributes to the rider's safety.
Tear-off films can be attached to the standard CWR-F2R clear visor for use on the race track. A double locking mechanism prevents accidental opening of the visor in the event of a crash. An antifog PINLOCK®EVO lens is included with the helmet and is attached to pins in the visor that are located outside the horizontal field of vision.

Delivery content:

  • 1 helmet
  • 1 Pinlock Evo
  • Replacement pins for the Pinlock
  • 1 Breath Guard
  • 1 Chin Curtain
  • 1 chin spoiler
  • 1 bottle of silicone oil
  • 1 helmet bag
  • 1 manual