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Shoei VFX-WR matt-black MX Enduro helmet

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Evolution of an icon
The VFX series from SHOEI has always been a pioneer and stylicone for all off-road helmets. The innovative design and the high quality combined with innovative technology have not only distinguished them in the past but are also the basis of the new, highly anticipated VFX-WR.

Innovative design concept
For off-road helmets, first and foremost the best possible safety with very good workmanship is to be offered. But also a fresh and aggressive styling plays a decisive role. With its distinctive design, the VFX-WR continues the path of its predecessors at first sight. The distinctive rib shape at the back of the helmet for a better grip of the VFX-W spectacle band is now continued along the side of the VFX-WR , In this way, it is even easier to position the spectacle band optimally and always ensure a good fit of the spectacles. This greater freedom of shaping is made possible by a novel SHOEI technology in the production of the helmet shell. The helmet and visor also form a harmonious transition since the three-dimensional design of the visor can go further into the helmet shell for the first time. The changes in the chin part are also significant. The edges of the facial field recess and the chin part have been partly drawn completely to the mouthpiece in order to integrate it more into the overall design of the helmet and to create an even more seamless transition.

Hard shell with novel core
The outer shell of the VFX-WR is manufactured in the extremely stable AIM + structure and consists of six different fiberglass and organic fiber layers, which guarantee a best possible distribution of the impact energy. The VFX-WR is the new Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS) that reduces rotational forces. For this purpose, the EPS core consists of a separate element, the domes of which lie on the base core. The EPS core of the VFX-WR consists, as usual, of several styropore elements, which have different degrees of hardness, in order to optimize the shock-sensitive areas of the head The shell and the core are made in four different sizes to take advantage of any size. This means that the VFX-WR not only guarantees optimum functionality, but also the best possible fit. The subject of mass centralization has also been given attention so that the focus of the VFX-WR is clearly more central. This relieves the neck muscles and prevents fatigue symptoms.

Good and safe padding
The upholstery is three-dimensionally formed for the VFX-WR for a perfect fit and optimum comfort. They consist of different respiratory-active materials, among others. made of high-quality Max-Dry, to absorb as much sweat as possible and to dry quickly. Even the chin strap pad is now even more breathable and comfortable to wear with its additional ventilation openings. The cheek pads are attached to the VFX-WR with the emergency rescue system E.Q.R.S. fitted. Its red tabs support easy removal of the padding and thus allow a neck-protecting helmet pickup as in the previous model. All the pads of the VFX-WR are completely removable and washable and can be tailor-made by the SHOEI dealer individually to the head "by different thicknesses ".

For a cool head in the terrain
The VFX-WR has an additional ventilation opening at the front as well as two additional air outlets at the rear, especially when off-road. All in all, the VFX-WR has 16 ventilation openings as well as outlets. Thanks to the new helmet shell and the additional distance of the helmet shells by the M.E.D.S. the ventilation within the helmet is significantly improved and moisture can be transported even more effectively to the air outlets. The newly designed and larger mouthpiece of the VFX-WR improves the air supply and thus facilitates the breathing of the pilot. It is easy to remove and clean with a single screw. In addition, the "Mud Guard" can be installed which, thanks to its new shape, harmonises better with the different protective goggles. Sturdy brackets also guarantee an improved grip even under extreme conditions.

Visor with even better attachment
The V-470 visor of the VFX-WR is completely redesigned and its design goes directly into the helmet shell. Included in delivery is the anti-reflection foil, which can be applied to the underside of the screen, thus preventing disturbing reflections. Many and especially faster drivers prefer the highest position of the visor