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Schuberth S3 Daytona Yellow helmet with sun visor

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Daytona Yellow
Sun visor
Micro ratchet chinstrap

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Schuberth S3 Daytona Yellow helmet with sun visor

Schuberth S3 Daytona Yellow helmet with sun visor

The SCHUBERTH S3 marks the next steps of SCHUBERTH‘s Sport touring helmet collection as well as being the first SCHUBERTH full face helmet meeting the new ECE 22.06 homologation. The SCHUBERTH S3 is the perfect combination of the performance and the safety of race helmets with the comfort of touring helmets. The brand new SCHUBERTH S3 incorporates all the latest SCHUBERTH standards in terms of safety, aerodynamics and aeroacoustic performances, ready to burn some rubber on the roads.
The most advanced technology just for your SCHUBERTH S3. Extremely easy to install, to configure and use, SC2 sets a new standard for motorcycle communication. The microphone, HD speakers and three antennas for FM Radio, Bluetooth Intercom and Mesh Intercom are already pre-installed in the SCHUBERTH S3. The SC2 is extremely simple to install: Remove the covers at the back of the helmet, free the remote control housing on the side, plug both in, turn them on, and you are ready to burn some rubber! Thanks to the new Mesh 2.0 technology, the SCHUBERTH SC2 delivers an unparalleled level of intercom connections redefining the concept of “communication network”. With Mesh 2.0 technology, now it is possible to connect with a virtually limitless number of participants. In addition our new system offer the latest HD speakers and Microphone by Sena , the advanced noise Control, the digital assistant and a range comparable to the most performing products available on the market. The Schuberth SC2 communication system is optional.

Helmet shell:

  • Directly processed glass fibre (SCHUBERTH Direct Fibre Processing) reinforced with carbon fiber for improved shock absorption strength and lighter weight.

Inner shell:

  • Dedicated EPS material for improved shock absorption and increased head cavity, featuring two densities for main part and sides
  • SCHUBERTH INDIVIDUAL seamless linings to allow fit customization


  • ECE-R-22.06 homologation
  • Fibre Glass shell reinforced with carbon fibre for improved shock absorption strength and lighter weight
  • S.R.S (Schuberth Rescue System): in case of an accident, the cheek pads can be removed by rescuers, reducing the forces applied to the rider‘s neck and facilitating the removal of the helmet.
  • New chin strap positioning to improve the comfort in the throat area featuring Anti Roll Off System (A.R.O.S)
  • Double chin air intake to improve ventilation, featuring exchangeable chin part filter. New back spoiler featuring a new air extractor
  • Improved field of view thanks to the new City Position mechanism and to the new V-lock sun visor mechanism
  • Plug and play communication system based on the SENA 50S system with speakers, MESH Antenna, FM Radio Antenna and Bluetooth Antenna preinstalled in the helmet
  • New SCHUBERTH INDIVIDUAL CONCEPT for unparalleled comfort
  • Preinstalled Pinlock 120 anti-fog lens
  • Integrated flip down sun visor